What is College Representative Program?

There is a need for today’s youth to lead their generation and do good for the society. The CR programme intends to bring out the leader inside you. The programme does this by making you conduct/helping you do social events/activities in your respective region, in turn developing your leadership qualities.

How can one be College Representative?

You can be a part of the Abhyuday family by registering here, on the CR Portal, which enables us to be in touch with you.

How campaigns is different from events?

Events involves spreading awareness which motivates people to serve the society in any way possible. Campaigns are yearlong activities which involves serving people directly and hence have a direct social impact.

Is there a discussion forum of Abhyuday, where I can discuss about social issues or their solutions?

Abhyuday will be launching its discussion forum on Facebook soon wherein anyone can discuss social issues.

What happens in the Annual Social Festival?

Abhyuday organizes its annual festival in the month of January which has a theme every year. The theme we had for the last year was "Enabling Humanity with Human Rights". The fest also included lecture series from imminent personalities working for this Social cause. Also there were NGO exhibitions and workshops and they exhibited technology for ‘differently abled’ people last year. See last year's fest.

If I have an idea that Abhyuday could implement, how do I let the team know about it?

Please contact our Media and Public Relations Managers and let them know about your ideas! We would be very glad to implement them.

For any queries, whom should i contact?

If you need any help or you have any queries, we are always there for you to get in touch through our Media and Public Relations Managers.