Quiz On Cybersecurity

Under the Incognito initiative, we present to you some information about Phishing and MITM attacks. In the post, there are some details about these threats and how we can prevent them. In addition to the information being provided, we are also conducting a Quiz to check how aware you are, reg here

PIL Competition

A PIL competition is a good way of bringing together vigilant citizens of our country to find a legal remedy to various burning issues of our country.
Winners: Rudra Shandilya, Abhinav Anand, Pranav Ashutosh
First Runner Ups: Tanaya Das

Kala-Manch Competition

"The Denizen Dream", our theme this year, refers to the dream of every inhabitant of the Earth to live in an ideal world. A world which is free of social evils and problems. A world where every person is self-sustainable and leads a happy life. Visit us at Kalamanch. Stay tuned! Results will be announced there soon :)