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  • Abhyuday is a social body of IIT Bombay with a vision to sensitize youth and spread awareness around the society. We organize events and campaigns by inviting renowned personalities to engage youth and create a massive impact in the society. Being a part of India’s best technological college, we provide an interactive platform by inviting several NGOs which benefits to empower our nation.
    Abhyuday is organizing the 7th edition of Social Festival of Abhyuday, IIT Bombay on 18th and 19th January 2020 which is based on the theme “The Gen-Z Spark”. The festival inculcates various impactful events,exhibitions, lectures, workshops and competitions to instill a sense of responsibility in the youth towards the society.


    • Socio-Health


      Launching the second speaker of Socio-Health session, part of Socio-X series of the Annual Social Fest of IIT Bombay! Cancer is no easy feat to overcome, especially when you’re always on the limelight. Get inspired by Tahira Kashyap’s motivational story of surviving cancer and how she overcame the stigma around breast cancer and gave beauty a new definition.

    • Self Care Ninja

      Presenting a star-studded Panel on ‘ Self-care Ninja in the age of Social Media and Cyberbullying’ in association with Social Nation. The Panel moderated by Sana Khan will include Atul Khatri, Neville Shah, Srishti and Guneet Monga. Join these fun people in a discussion on the pointers : The pressure of having an opinion on social media, finding a balance between revealing too much and too little, the constant comparison to the others on your feed, when and How should you step back? And does Social media contribute to the identity conflict? Meet you there at LT-PCSA on 19th Jan 11:15 AM

    • Normalising Period Talk

      Presenting a second addition to the session on Sanitation. Rouble Nagi is the founder of Rouble Nagi Arts Foundation and an Indian artist specialized in sculptures, art installations and paintings. Her foundation aims to transform the community through art by conducting workshops throughout the country. She’ll be presenting a talk on Normalising Period, an open-end conversation on Menstrual Hygiene.

    • Pride For All

      As Mumbai celebrates its #PrideMonth, this generation takes the next step of acceptance towards the LGBTQ+ community. It is high time we confront the more niche topics that affect the daily life and career of the community. Some Corporates have already started programs for more inclusion of LGBTQ+ individuals in their spaces. Abhyuday presents 'Pride for All', a Panel discussion on corporate inclusion of LGBTQ+ identifying individuals. Sushant Divgikar, AKA Rani Ko-He-Nur, a Performing Artist and an Equal Rights Activist, will be joined by Aditya Shankar from Bain & Company inc. and Koninika Roy, a Queer rights activist from Godrej Culture Lab, in the assembled panel.

    • Falsely Accused

      Presenting an Interactive Session on False Accusation and gender equality. The session focuses on addressing the issues of false rape cases, molestation cases and dowry cases against men and the mental and societal pressure they go through in these situations. Amit Deshpande, a TEDx speaker and the president of Vaastav Foundation have been fighting for gender equality in the society through men’s rights activism for the past 7 years. Vaastav Foundation works to highlight the issues of men which have been hitherto neglected by society.

    • Chintu Ka Birthday

      Spacial Movie Screening

      US-led allied forces have been in Iraq for a year now. But there are still some Indians who migrated to Iraq illegally, still waiting to find a way out. On the day of our story, one such family prepares to celebrate the 6th birthday of their youngest member, Chintu.Will the violence that rages in the world outside rob Chintu his moment of joy? Find out the answer at the Movie screening of All India Bakchod Productions’ ‘Chintu Ka Birthday’ on 18th January, 7:30 P.M in LT-PCSA at Abhyuday’s Annual Social Fest. Limited seats available. Collect Free Passes from Abhyuday Room, Old Sac on 17th January 6 P.M onwards. With a Viewers Choice Award and an IMDB rating of 8.3, It’s a movie not to miss!

    • Girl's Safety

      Changemaker Series

      Abhyuday, in collaboration with Save the Children India and Yuvaa, is organizing the ChangeMaker series, a panel discussion by eminent personalities focusing on Girl safety. Ensuring the safety and security of females is the need of the hour in India. We are determined to continue working on this agenda of girl safety via the #LightUpHerLife campaign at this year’s Changemaker series. Dia Mirza (Actor, Activist and Artist ambassador Save the Children), Latifa Sheikh (Child Champion), Nayana Chowdhury (Director Programme – Breakthrough), Elsa Marie (Founder and CEO – Safecity), Anand Tiwari (Actor, Director and Founder Still & Still Media Collective), Pragya Vats(Head of Campaigns, STC India) are the eminent personalities participating in the discussion.

    • Health Checkup Camp

      Abhyuday IIT Bombay in collaboration with The Rotaract Club of the Caduceus is organizing a Health Checkup Camp during Annual Social Fest on 18th January from 10 AM to 1 PM. The Checkup covers all basic checkup including Anthropometry, Diabetes, Dental and General Examination. All Checkups are free of cost and can be availed by everyone. "Good health and good sense are two of life's greatest blessings". We request all to make use of the camp, get checked up and keep your body healthy’

    • India and Climate Change

      Combating Climate Change is one of the most important impact labels currently in the Global spoken word circuit. We invite you to the panel discussion on India and Climate change, on the involvement of Big Institutions and the youth in the fight against Climate change. Sonam Wangchuk, a Ramon Magsaysay Awardee is a well known Environmentalist and Education reformer. He is popularly known as the inspiration behind “Phunsukh Wangdu” in the Bollywood hit Three Idiots. Dr Suresh Chandra Sharma is the Former officer on Special duty on Climate change and energy with energy, Govt. of India and also a member of G-20 Energy sustainability Group-2014. Shweta Khare Naik is the country head at Jane Goodall's Roots&Shoots India and has experience working as an Ecotourism Consultant in Maharashtra. Prof Satish B Agnihotri has worked as a secretary at the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Govt. of India and is currently the HOD of CTARA IITB.

    • Concert for a Cause

      ‘Street artists give people something they didn't know they were missing in life’. It’s our turn to give back to them. Abhyuday IIT Bombay brings to you the third edition of ‘Concert for a Cause’ headlined by Praakriti Kakar and Sukriti Kakar, Bollywood Playback singers of ‘ Mafiyaan’ and ‘Sudhar Ja’ fame. Along with Abhyuday, IIT Bombay , they would be supporting NSPA in their work of empowering underprivileged street artists.

    • Youth in Governance

      Many of us turn a blindside to a career in governance, and rather focus on jobs in MNC’s, Startups or Research. Get to know the ample opportunities available around us through which we can strengthen our nation through a smoothly working system. With over 29 years experience in the Indian Administrative Services, IAS officer Praveen Pardeshi has served in senior executive positions such as Collector Latur and Solapur, Municipal Commissioner Pune and PCMC and Secretary to Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Principal Secretary, Revenue and Forest. He is currently the Municipal Commissioner of BMC.

  • Power of Thinking

    With nearly 25 years of experience, Dr Radhakrishnan Pillai is a leadership speaker, trainer, and personal mentor, who trains leaders and aspirants from various fields including corporates, politics, academics and public services. Dr. Ujjwal Patni is one of India's top motivational speaker, author of the book power thinking, holder of 3 Guinness World records, he has touched many lives by explaining the concept of Mind Power and capability of our thoughts. Join them in the discussion on Power of Thinking, the creative ability to nurture your thoughts. Thoughts, like seeds, have a natural tendency to grow and manifest in your life, if you feed them with attention, interest and enthusiasm.

    • Space Entrepreneurship

      India’s blossoming NewSpace movement is slowly beginning to integrate with the firebrand entrepreneurs to bring about innovative space products/services. It is crucial to make the youth aware of the prospective growth in space entrepreneurship and the role it can play in eliminating unemployment and strengthening economy.
      We are bringing you an elite panel of pioneers in Space Technology to discuss the positive outlook it can bring about in society. Dr Venkitakrishnan is the director of the Capacity Building Program Office, ISRO - Indian Space Research Organisation Headquarters. Mr Mahesh Murthy is the founder of Satellize, he has helped launch, a few dozen startups, a few hundred brands and now, a few satellites. Rohan M Ganapathy is CEO & CTO of Bellatrix Aerospace, a new space company involved in indigenous development and manufacture of advanced in-space propulsion systems.

    • The Groundwork of Leadership

      Mr Ashish Vidyarthi is a National Award-winning actor and motivational speaker, known for his work in 11 different languages. He has successfully used performative storytelling and conversational tools for effective personal and professional development.
      Leadership helps gain a clear vision of your goal and gives everyone a better understanding of organisational direction and their roles & responsibilities. Build a groundwork for leadership along with Mr Ashish Vidyarthi and empower yourself and those around you.

    • Journey to Power

      Inspiration is the most important leadership trait. Fueled by passion and purpose, it transforms the way we perceive our own capabilities. Find your inspiration through the session “ Journey to Power “, where we bring you IAS officer Tukaram Mundhe sir. He is known for his no-nonsense and honest attitude. He has been transferred 12 times over the past 13 years for his uprightness and audacious steps he has taken in his postings. Get to know his story, from cracking UPSC examination to the status of one of the most esteemed IAS officers of Maharashtra.

    • Agro-Tech Exhibition

      Recently many suicide cases of farmers in India have been observed due to environmental conditions, low productivity, drought, poor irrigation, increased cost of cultivation.Technological Institutes have resources to ameliorate this situation by providing cheap efficient techniques.
      Abhyuday, IIT Bombay presents the Agro-Tech Exhibition, a showcase of some ground-breaking ideas and technological improvements to improve farming, irrigation, water management, harvesting, etc. Register now to exhibit your Agro-Tech Model/Project at Abhyuday, IIT Bombay's Annual Social Fest 2020.

    • Dr.K K Talwar
  • Socio-X


    Confederation of Empowerment Initiatives (CEI) is an International Development Agency (IDA) known for its unique and niche 'Resiliency Solutions' & 'Development Economy Solutions'. Working at the grass-root level, they have implemented technology projects affecting more than 2 million people. Join us in the Panel discussion on Socio-Tech, dwell on how technology is being used in Holistic Empowerment and 360-degree transformation of the backward, rural and tribal communities across India.

    • Talk on Water Conservation

      Water Conservation including all the policies, strategies and activities to sustainably manage the natural resources of fresh water is a must that every student in the state should know. Presenting you A Talk on Water Conservation in Abhyuday's Annual Social Fest 2020!
      Popatrao Pawar is the Executive Director of Maharashtra state Government's Model Village programme. Being a farmer and Sarpanch of Hiware Bazar gram panchayat, he has transformed it from an impoverished drought prone village into a green and prosperous model village that Government of Maharashtra wishes to implement across the state.

    • Dr.K K Talwar
    • Journey to Nation Building

      Mr Mayank Gandhi is a social activist, leading the initiative Global Parli - ग्लोबल परळी - a nation-building mission through rural transformation. He was a core committee member in India Against Corruption movement and a National Executive Member of the Aam Aadmi Party(AAP). He has served as a master planning advisor for over 23 countries like Spain, France, Hong Kong, and the UAE etc. Nation Building encompasses sustainable urban governance & rural development and focuses on improving the quality of life in a locality, including its ecological, cultural, political, institutional, social and economic components. Its importance is prevalent now more than ever.

    • Sanitation: Still a Mirage?

      Mr Alkesh Wadhwani, an IIT Bombay alumnus now leads the poverty alleviation portfolio in India for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. His work comprises programmatic work in Agricultural Development, Water, Sanitation etc.,
      He would be joined by Mr Rishna Pujari, a TEDx speaker and the founder of Reality Gives NGO in the discussion of how the policies and strategies followed by Government and other institutions impact Safe sanitation in India.

    • Dr.K K Talwar
    • Socio-X


      Presenting you Padma Bhushan Dr K.K Talwar, a man of multiple talents and even more accolades. With Dr B.C. Roy National Award, Norman Alpert Award and many more awards under the belt, he is recognised as one of the pioneers in the field of Electrophysiology, Pacemaker and Heart Failure. He was influential in reducing /eradicating hepatitis C in northern India by providing free treatment to patients.

    • Socio-X


      One of the most distinguished social entrepreneurs, Young Global Leader 2016, Dr Sheetal Amte heads one of the leading and longest-running non-profits, the Maharogi Seva Samiti (MSS), Warora. She has been actively working to set up centres for training and aiding medical workers across the country and one-stop services for people with disabilities. Get to know the concept of Urban forestry using a Japanese technique called Miyawaki along with @drsheetalamte .

    • Sheetal Amte

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Past Personalities

    • Prakash Amte
      social worker

    • Abhay Bang
      Healthcare activist

    • Medha Patkar
      Social Activists

    • Dilip Kulkarni

    • Virdhawal Khade
      Indian Swimmer

    • Murlikant Petkar
      First Paralympic Gold Medalist

    • Bezwada Wilson
      Ramon Magsaysay awardee

    • Ira Singhal
      UPSC Topper

    • D.Sivanandhan

    • Afroz Shah

    • Amir Khan

    • Shriya Pilgaonkar

    • Akriti Kakkar

    • Dushyant Singh
      Slam Poet

    • Pawni Pandey

    • Himesh Madan
      Motivational Speaker


    • PIL Competition

      PIL has given voices to many and has helped them establish their Fundamental and legal Rights governed by the laws of the country. Its paramount that students be aware of it.
      Abhyuday IIT Bombay presents PIL Competition on Road Safety, a fair and competitive environment for exchange of thought and to promote student involvement in laws and policies and develop participant’s knowledge related to issues on road safety.

    • Adhikaar

      Freedom is hammered out on the anvil of discussion, dissent, and debate. Abhyuday, IIT Bombay opens its door to students from all walks of life, enabling them to engage in a lively debate about important social issues. Presenting " Adhikaar- Battle of words" inter-college debate competition during the annual social festival 2020.

    • Kalamanch

      Art is for all, everywhere and anywhere. We, at Abhyuday, IIT Bombay believe that everyone is an artist at heart. To all those curious artists out there, Abhyuday, IIT Bombay announces "Kala Manch-online art competition". A platform that gives artists chance to portray social issues through their work.
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    • Action Plan

      We believe that the young minds hold the key to solve numerous challenges that have plagued our society for long. It’s the need of time to channelize this energy in a right direction which can definitely change the lives of people around us. Abhyuday 2019-20 brings to you, Action-Plan, which revolves around 3I’s mantra: Ideate - Innovate - Implement
      In order to fulfil these dreams, Abhyuday IIT Bombay brings together the brightest from colleges, the best from corporate, the learnt from academia and the experienced from NGOs, and create a platform where young minds are nurtured to create solutions that bring about grass root level changes.
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    • Social Entrepreneurship Workshop

      Abhyuday, Social body of IIT Bombay, is proud to invite Kunal Soni, founder of SaYourIdeas, who'll conduct a workshop on 'Structuring your venture'. He will share his knowledge and experience with the participants on how to convert business ideas into reality to achieve your venture's goals, how to choose the best legal structure for your venture and how can one measure their venture's financial health and social impact by suggesting right people at the right place and at right time. The workshop is free of cost and open to all.

    • Zero Budget Politics Workshop

      Politics may seem like an arduous and a heavy investment affair. But we have P. Madhava Reddy to prove it otherwise. Join us for the free workshop on Zero Budget Politics, where he will enlighten us on how to start politics from the ground up with zero investment.

    • Emotional Intelligence Workshop

      Emotional Intelligence ( EI ) is the ability for the people to recognize, understand and perceive their own and other people's emotions as well as to regulate their own emotions. An emotionally competent can excel in self-awareness, performance under pressure, relationship management, self-management and much more. Mr Vivek Sharma, initially a journalist is the co-founder of Gandhi Fellowship, a professional program in transforming leadership by Piramal Enterprise, changing 1 million lives in 10 years.

    • Fire Safety Workshop

      Knowing how to act in the event of a fire is an important skill for anyone to possess. The actions of one person are likely to impact others around them and have the potential to save lives. Most Indians are at greater risk due to the absence of fire safety training compared to other parts of the world.
      Abhyuday, IIT Bombay is organizing a workshop on Fire Safety & Emergency Preparedness during our Annual Social Fest in association with Fire & Security Association of India.Practical demonstration along with survival techniques will be taught for different adverse fire situations.

    • Funny But Serious

      Cartoon Workshop

      Cartoons are a medium of expression of thoughts. They have an ever-lasting impact on the minds of readers and act as a creative tool to express the most important issues in a comical and understandable way. Learn the art of cartooning through the workshop ‘Funny but Serious’.
      Manjul is an Indian Editorial and Political Cartoonist. After working with major Indian publications like Dainik Jagran, Financial Express, India Today, The Economic Times and DNA currently he is contributing for various Indian publications & websites.

    • Self Defence Workshop

      Abhyuday in collaboration with Mumbai Police & Krav Maga Global is conducting a self-defence workshop for women. With the prevalent cases of crimes against women, out of which many go unreported, self-defence for women has become a necessity now more than ever.
      Self-defence workshop for women will strengthen them to stand bold under different adverse circumstances. The workshop will be followed by an awareness session by Mumbai Police.

    • Social Entrepreneurship Workshop

      Presenting a Social Entrepreneurship Workshop on “Design Thinking For Social Impact”. Get to learn through hands-on activities, some tools of Design Thinking to uncover and validate the latent needs of your idea’s target group.
      A Master Trainer accredited by NIESBUD, Ministry of Skill Development &; Entrepreneurship, Govt of India, Mr Ismail started his career as a Product Design Engineer before joining Symbiosis Institute of Technology (SIT) where presently he is the Head of Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

    • Social Entrepreneurship Workshop

      Presenting a Marketing & Social Entrepreneurship Workshop on “Personal Branding & the Art Of Pitching”. Polish your pitching skills and get to know how to build an authentic brand for your business. Know how to navigate your product through the changing market with personal branding.
      Dr. Shubhra Chakraborty is the CEO & Founder of POSHAN. A Branding & Marketing consultant, she specializes in creating successful business plans and marketing campaigns for businesses through personal Brand Building. Being a Business Competition Champion (she has won over 22 Business Competitions during her MBA), she is passionate about helping businesses enhance their pitching skills through Brand Positioning.

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